Eric the IT Guy

Host of Fedora Project Podcast

Fighting against the forces of burnout and poor work-life balance, The IT Guy stands for DevOps, Open Source, and an endless supply of energy!

I have over 14 years of IT experience ranging from Systems Administration and Engineering to technical sales and community advocacy, most recently as a Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat.

My mission as the IT Guy is to fight against burnout and poor work-life balance. I aim to promote methodologies and communities around DevOps and Open Source and an endless supply of goofy dad jokes along the way. I have worked under all the cliched IT cultures – from nightmare on-calls to constant firefighting. I’ve learned a lot from my career of experience. I hope to share those stories and the lessons I learned with all of you to help make your lives and your organizations better.

Eric the IT Guy has hosted 12 Episodes.