Episode 25

Fedora Websites 3.0

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How much effort does it take to overhaul the visual and functional elements of a technology community? We dive into that question this week. We'll talk about the work involved, what's new, and the future plans of the Fedora website team!

The Fedora Podcast features interviews and talks with the people who make the Fedora community awesome! These folks work on new technologies found in Fedora, produce the distro itself, or help put Fedora into the hands of users. There is so much going on in Fedora that it takes a whole podcast series!

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Fedora Flock, August 2-4, 2023

Fedora Websites 3.0 Release!

Fundamental Theorem of Developing FLOSS

00:00 Welcome
04:02 Announcement: Fedora Flock
05:28 Fedora Websites 3.0
10:14 Under the hood
14:51 Managing the upgrade
24:10 What's still to come?
28:26 Getting involved!
39:38 Closing thoughts
43:10 Wrap up