Episode 32

How Do You Fedora: Neal Gompa


October 25th, 2023

48 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

Fedora Linux wouldn't be possible without the community, the people. In our ongoing focus, How Do You Fedora, we meet these amazing people and learn their stories. We'll be chatting with Neal Gompa, a long time contributor for CentOS and Fedora!

The Fedora Podcast features interviews and talks with the people who make the Fedora community awesome! These folks work on new technologies found in Fedora, produce the distro itself, or help put Fedora into the hands of users. There is so much going on in Fedora that it takes a whole podcast series!

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🔖 Chapters:
00:00 Stream start
00:20 Introductions
01:56 Meet Neal
05:55 Neal meet's tech
12:01 Getting into open source
21:50 Contributions to Fedora
28:15 Community of communities
32:52 Present and future
40:45 Fedora Asahi
43:00 Closing thoughts